Consulting Rooms

We have two veterinary consulting rooms and one nursing consulting room. Both of our veterinary consulting rooms are equipped with an otoscope and opthalmoscope for use during consultations, and provide plenty of space so that our patients have room to explore and not feel confined or anxious.

Imaging Suite

Our state of the art imaging suite consists of digital x-ray, ultrasound and endoscopy allowing us a comprehensive approach to investigating cases. If needed, we also have the support of visiting specialists in Cardiology and Ultrasonography.


image7In early 2015 our imaging suite had the addition of some new and exciting equipment.

Firstly, our ultrasound machine was replaced with a new advanced machine allowing us to gain better quality pictures.

Secondly, we had a dental x-ray machine fitted into the suite, This new facility will allow us to x-ray your pets mouth prior to any routine dental work and ensure we are extracting all teeth required.

Sterile Theatres

We have two sterile operating theatres. We believe it is important to maintain the highest levels of sterility. Therefore all our surgeons wear sterile gowns, gloves, hats and masks to operate.

T2 (3)

me surgeryWe have a large range of surgical instruments with the most recent addition of specialised laparoscopy equipment. As a result, we have the facilities to perform a huge variation of surgical procedures including laparoscopic-guided neutering and minimally invasive procedures. Our largest sterile theatre also has a strong surgical light, this is really important for involved and detailed surgeries.







image9We have a range of equipment to support monitoring of our patients under anaesthesia. By being able to measure things such as the levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood, blood pressure, temperature and a constant ECG trace we are able to closely monitor and respond quickly to any changes.

We have a new anaesthetic monitoring system which now allows us to monitor such things in both of our theatres simultaneously. Suction equipment and diathermy are also used to aid surgical procedures. We work closely with a visiting soft tissue surgery specialist who will come into Hollybank to perform advanced surgeries.

Dental Theatre

Our dental theatre is used for cat, dog and rabbit dentals and is equipped with everything we need to clean and polish teeth, as well as for extractions if needed. Any ‘dirty’ operations such as ear flushes can also be done here so that we can maintain the highest levels of cleanliness in our theatres.

Prep area

Our prep room is where our patients are prepared for anaesthesia and allows access to our sterile theatres, dental theatre and imaging suite. We have several areas for anaesthetic equipment and points with piped oxygen.

Recovery after an anaesthetic is an important time. We have an incubator and under-floor heating to keep our patients warm during recovery, as well as access to mobile monitoring equipment (for example pulse oximetry to measure oxygen levels).


We have separate cat and dog wards  to make our patients time with us as stress free as possible. We have plenty of comfortable beds and different sized kennels too.

In 2015 we expanded our kennel and cattery space. In dog kennels a second walk in kennel was created to provide more space for our large and giant breed dogs, these also come in handy for longer periods of hospitalisation. In cattery we also have two large new kennels which allows our feline inpatients to have more room and comfort.

walk in kennels


Our cats can now also enjoy hiding blocks. It is important for cats to feel safe and secure whilst in with us and for those anxious or nervous cats this allows them a place to hide and sleep-they have been a very popular addition!





image10We also have an isolation facility with the ability to barrier nurse patients separately from the main kennels, reducing the spread of contagious disease.

Whilst with us our patients sometimes need intravenous fluids (a drip). We have special fluid pumps to aid with accurate control of fluid therapy.



image3We are able to perform many investigations in our in-house lab – including full biochemistry and haematology blood work, urinalysis and microscope analysis. This means that in an emergency situation we are able to get more information quickly. We can send more extensive blood work, and other investigations by courier to arrive the same day at an external lab.






Imaging Suite

Our state of the art imaging suite consists of digital x-ray, ultrasound and endoscopy allowing us a comprehensive approach to investigating cases.


We have two sterile operating theatres.We use a number of different means to help the anaesthetist monitor patients undergoing general anaesthetics.These include pulse oximetry and capnography which measure the level of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood, respectively.We can also measure blood pressure, temperature and listen directly to the heart via oesophageal stethoscopes.

In addition to our monitoring equipment we have suction equipment and diathermy to aid with surgery.

As our theatres are sterile we gown, glove, hat and mask when we operate to make sure the highest levels of sterility are maintained.


Our dental room contains full dental equipment for performing procedures on cats, dogs and small mammals such as rabbits or guinea pigs.It also has a large tub table for bathing patients if needed. This room can be used for any ‘dirty operations’ (such as ear flushes) and as it is completely separate to other rooms we can ensure cleanliness is maintained.


Our prep room is where all patients are prepared for anaesthesia and operations and where they recover.The room is equipped with full anaesthetic equipment including piped oxygen as well as under-floor heating and an incubator to make sure recovering animals are kept warm.

Consulting Rooms

We have three consulting rooms – two for veterinary consults and one for nurse.We have an ophthalmoscope and otoscope along with a portable blood pressure machine to aid work-up of cases that may not be admitted to the hospital.


We have separate cat and dog wards along with an isolation facility which is self-contained.Each contains easy to clean cages and kennels has a large walk-in kennel for bigger dogs.We have fluid therapy pumps for any patients on drips.


We are able to perform extensive investigations in our in-house lab – including full biochemistry and haematology blood work, urinalysis and microscope analysis.For any tests we are unable to perform in-house we have a courier service to an external lab.

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