Rabbit Awareness Week 17th-25th June

Rabbit Awareness Week (RAW) is close!

RAW is a great opportunity to promote rabbit health and is supported by the British Small Animal Veterinary Association (BSAVA), the British Veterinary Association (BVA) and the British Veterinary Zoological Society (BVZS). 

This year RAW wants to promote the social needs of rabbits by encouraging owners to feed 85-90% of their rabbits diet as hay and fresh grass. Please see their website for further information on their #hoptohay pledge.




This year Hollybank are getting involved in RAW by offering free health checks. This is an opportunity to weigh your rabbit and perform a full examination. At the same time we can offer advice on diet, vaccinations, neutering and general rabbit husbandry.


Our free rabbit health checks will be available:

  • 20th June 11am-12.30pm
  • 20th June 2.30pm-4.40pm
  • 23rd June 2.30pm-4.30pm
  • 25th June 9am-10am

Please call reception to book an appointment on 01606 880890



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Puppies and Kittens Galore!!

Over the last few weeks Hollybank seem to have had an influx of puppies and kittens! 

This has included the brilliant news that some of our patients are expecting…..meet Bess a beautiful Springer Spaniel who had very wriggly puppies during her pregnancy scan!

Flick, a beautiful pregnant border collie needed a helping hand delivering her puppies by way of cascarean section. This resulted in seven healthy puppies and a happy mum. We have since seen the puppies who are growing really well and already enjoying attention!




Last but not least, we had a lovely little cat who required some hormone injections to help with her contractions. These worked very well and she had four healthy kittens!

It is always such a nice experience to welcome puppies and kittens into the world but its even better to watch how they grow and their personalities develop so fingers crossed we may see some of these dogs and cats back for their vaccinations and yearly checks.

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May is Tick Awareness Month!!

Following on from last years ‘Big Tick Project’, MSD Animal Health are continuing to promote tick awareness.

Like many practices across the UK, Hollybank took part in the nationwide Tick study. Having seen that one in three dogs were affected by ticks and are therefore at risk of serious tick-borne disease we are keen to continue promoting awareness too.

Please see the full results at the The Big Tick Project.

As a result of all the data collected we have also been able to better understand the distribution and therefore geographical risk of ticks across the UK. Currently, Cheshire is a low-medium risk area but there are many areas with far higher risk patterns. Please see the UK Tick Threat Map if you wish to check another area.

Tick Awareness:

  • We encourage people to use regular preventative products against ticks. We are always happy to discuss these options over the phone or in a consultation.
  • It is sensible to regularly check over your pet for the presence of ticks, especially if you have a long haired or thick coated breed
  • If you think your pet has a tick or you are unsure then we are happy to check and help with removal. Please phone us to arrange an appointment-01606 880890


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