Second Opinions & Referrals

Second Opinions from outside the practice.

If you seek a second opinion following advice from another veterinary surgery we are able to arrange this for you. We will make sure you see a veterinary surgeon who is most appropriate for the clinical problem.

Prior to your appointment we will need to obtain any medical history for your pet including the most recent blood tests and investigations. This is in order to help you as best we can going forward. We will phone the veterinary surgery on your behalf for this information. The cost of a second opinion appointment is £32.50 as for all our other primary consultations. 

Second opinions from within the practice.

At Hollybank we aim to provide a uniform service based on what we feel are the most up to date and current approaches, based on evidence based veterinary medicine. As a result, there should be continuity in our standard of care. We hold daily clinical rounds to ensure each patients case is discussed and therefore individual experience is shared. However, if for any reason you feel you would like another member of staff to examine your pet then we are happy to arrange this accordingly. 


In certain circumstances or conditions we may feel it most appropriate to involve a specialist. Occasionally, an external specialist will come to us directly at Hollybank. We work closely with a number of lovely visiting specialists.

However, sometimes it will be necessary to send your pet to an external referral centre. We are fortunate to be located within reasonable proximity to a number of excellent referral hospitals. The decision as to which one, is based on a number of patient and client factors. Once we have decided to refer your pet we will complete the referral application on your behalf. You should then hear directly from the referral hospital to arrange your appointment. 

Once you have been referred, you will still be under the care of Hollybank Veterinary Centre as your primary care vets and we will continue to support you as needed with this or other conditions. However, you will also be under the care of the specialist department you are visiting. Should either vet need to, we can speak to each other directly.

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