Your pet is spayed

Neutering a female patient is known as being spayed. Whilst the technique is slightly different for different species the fundamental principle is the same.  Both ovaries are always removed and dependent on the species the uterus will be removed too.

We strongly recommend spaying for a number of reasons: it protects against unwanted pregnancies and is therefore responsible as an owner. The animal will not come into season and will therefore not be ‘attractive’ to the other male species. In spaying our animals we remove the risk of ovarian disease and reduce the risk of uterine disease. Spaying can also help reduce the incidence of mammary tumours.

When your pet comes in to us to be spayed they will be admitted into the hospital by one of our vets or nurses. Please see the ‘what happens when your pet has an operation’.

Post-operative care is tailored to the specific species but generally the animal must be strictly rested for 5 days. For cats and dogs, a buster collar must be worn at all times. There will be a small dressing over the wound which may remain in place but is also okay if this falls off. We will see your pet back in 5 days to ensure the wound is healing well although this may be earlier for small furries.

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