Your pet is vaccinated

If dogs and cats have never had a vaccine before, or if they are overdue their vaccine date by 2 calendar months, then we would recommend they have a full vaccine course. This consists of two injections 4-5 weeks apart in dogs and 3-4 weeks apart in cats.  Rabbits just need one injection.  If your pet is not overdue then a yearly booster is all that is required.

We vaccinate dogs against distemper virus, adenovirus (infectious canine hepatitis), parvovirus and leptospirosis.  We can also vaccinate them against kennel cough (Bordetella bronchiseptica bacteria and parainfluenza virus) which many kennels and forms of doggy day care require.  The main vaccination is a simple injection given into the scruff of the neck.  The kennel cough vaccine is given intra-nasally and so is squirted up the nose.  Whilst most dogs find that a little odd, they don’t normally mind it too much.

We vaccinate cats against feline panleucopenia virus (which causes enteritis), herpevirus and calicivirus (which cause cat flu) and feline leukaemia virus.  Rabbits are vaccinated against myxomatosis virus and viral haemorraghic virus.  Both cats and rabbits are vaccinated in the scruff of the neck.

image1 (3)Whether your pet is having their first vaccine, second vaccine or a yearly booster, they will have a fifteen minute consultation with one of our veterinary surgeons along with the injection.  The vet will give your pet a full clinical examination and it is an opportunity for them to answer any questions or concerns you might have. Fifteen minutes means that there is plenty of time for your pet to relax and acclimatise to being in the vets before they are examined; and plenty of time for us to have chat with you about how things are going.

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