Hollybank’s Resident Guinea Pigs

Over the past few years regular visitors to Hollybank Veterinary Centre will recognise our resident Guinea Pigs. As we have many young children and school groups visiting we decided to adopt a pair called ‘Stacey and Nessa’ from a local rescue centre in order to have them help teach the little ones about responsible pet ownership. Stacey and Nessa were just 4 weeks old when they moved to Hollybank and could easily both fit into the palm of your hand. Although a little timid at first the girls settled in well and grew to fit into their starring roles on various school visits and outings.

Sadly Stacey passed away in late 2014. To keep Nessa company Marmalade and Marmite then joined us at Hollybank. Nessa was pleased of the company and they certainly kept her busy, getting into all types of mischief!

Sadly Nessa passed away in 2015. Marmite and Marmalade have some big footsteps to follow but are so far doing really well. They are very patient on school trips and love nothing more than nibbling on the grass outside Hollybank.

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