Fees & Insurance

Fee Structure

Here at Hollybank Vets, we are an independent small animal hospital endeavouring to provide an exceptionally high standard of care, hygiene, facilities and equipment.
Our prices for treatments, operations and consultations all involve varied areas of skill and all of these have to be taken into consideration when building a price structure.
For example, each hospital patient is assessed as an individual to determine the level of care needed; regardless of the patient’s size, our fees are set for routine procedures with the exemption of pain relief. All procedures requiring an operation include a post operation check which is included in the price.
Our fees are transparent and at a competitive rate to other veterinary practices, including VAT and with no hidden costs.

Insurance Claims

Hollybank Veterinary Centre are extremely experienced in handling insurance claims on behalf of our clients and strongly advise insurance to all pet owners. If your pet requires treatment which is covered by your insurance policy we simply need a signed claim form and your policy details to be able to process the claim quickly and forward it directly to your insurance provider. A record of each claim is stored on your pets file and we are happy to correspond directly with the insurance company if you prefer (the policy holder must confirm with the insurance company that they have permission to speak to us directly). We aim to process each claim we receive within 3 working days.

We do not charge for completing/submitting insurance claims on your behalf

Occasionally we may be able to submit “direct claims” to your insurance provider. This means that Hollybank Veterinary Centre will claim back all veterinary fees outstanding on your account, with the exception of your policy excess. All direct claims need to be authorised by our Practice Principal – Richard Hewitt, and are subject to the following guidelines:

  • Direct claims may be submitted for claims of £200 or more.
  • A Valid insurance certificate and schedule must be presented at the start of treatment together with a signed claim form.
  • All direct claims are made at the discretion of our practice principal.
  • Clients wishing to make a direct claim may be asked to sign an agreement prior to the start of treatment, guaranteeing payment should unforeseen problems arise with your insurance provider.
  • Clients may be asked to request a “pro-forma” insurance form for non emergency treatment. This allows your insurance provider to assess if a condition or procedure is covered by your policy in advance.


Please note: we are currently unable to process “direct claims” for clients who are insured with E&L



Hollybank Veterinary Centre is a Petplan Appointed Representative Practice. This means we work closely with this company and that our staff have been given training to be able to advise you of their services. Petplan allow us to issue 4 weeks free insurance for animals over six weeks of age and before their first birthday. This insurance starts from the moment the form is signed and is particularly useful to cover new puppies and kitten’s as they settle into their new homes. We are also able to submit claims via fax or e-mail which speeds up the process. An added bonus is that we are able to get immediate “pre-authorisation” for claims over the telephone which avoids any possible delay in your pet’s treatment.

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