Puppies and Kittens Galore!!

Over the last few weeks Hollybank seem to have had an influx of puppies and kittens! 

This has included the brilliant news that some of our patients are expecting…..meet Bess a beautiful Springer Spaniel who had very wriggly puppies during her pregnancy scan!

Flick, a beautiful pregnant border collie needed a helping hand delivering her puppies by way of cascarean section. This resulted in seven healthy puppies and a happy mum. We have since seen the puppies who are growing really well and already enjoying attention!




Last but not least, we had a lovely little cat who required some hormone injections to help with her contractions. These worked very well and she had four healthy kittens!

It is always such a nice experience to welcome puppies and kittens into the world but its even better to watch how they grow and their personalities develop so fingers crossed we may see some of these dogs and cats back for their vaccinations and yearly checks.

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